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Good Times in Chicago

I’m back from spring break.

I did a lot.

1 week ago I left Lincoln for Chicago with a van full of Physics club students. We got to our motel by 9, and then went out to Walter Paten’s Brewery to have supper, and drink their brews. I had fish which wasn’t spectacular or cheap.

Later that night Josh and I sat around talking about how we were going to hit on some of the girls in the physics club. It was an amusing conversation, but we failed to achieve much the next day.

So, in the morning we went to Fermilab.

and talked to some people, then went to the far side detector which was in use… so it was behind this giant pile of concrete blocks. . (the detector is where they smash particles together on a 3 mile circular magnetic track)

There I am just chilling in the detector control room.

Here you can see some operators acting like they are talking about important things.

Well, after we left Fermilab we didn’t have time to stop at the gift shop, sorry Brandi, no posters or t-shirts. We had an appointment with a UNL alumn at Arragon National Labs for a tour of their advanced light source. However, we had to wait at the front gates for an hour before our Japanese foreign exchange student was cleared to enter. We all agreed that if they were not going to let him in that we would tell them to fuck off and screw our tour. But, they finally did let us in.

The advanced light source was like a giant x-ray machine, except the electron path is a giant 1104 meter circle. All along the outside of the track were experiments set up which require the use of x-rays, which are useful for a wide range of fields including biotechnology, ag science, and basic physics.

It is kind of hard to see, but there is a metal enclosed room in the center of the pic which is one of the experiment setups, and there are rooms like that all the way around the track.

We spent a lot of time there checking stuff like this out.

Later that night we had Chicago style pizza, and went bowling. It was hella fun because all the boring people went back to the motel to sleep at like 10.

Then, we sat around talking till like 4AM, which was fun. Adam and I had a fun debate on how to assign probabilities to things, we promised to finish it later. Basically he thinks that life is too improbable without a god, which I of course don’t agree with.

Well, Sunday half of the physics club went home early and the rest of us went to the planetarium, which was kind of boring. After that they dropped Natalie, Gary, and I off at our downtown hotel (Lennox), and we then walked to the Hancock building to view the city from above. I have a bunch of pics, but only 1 from my phone camera of the lakeshore to the north.

Then we went to Zanies comedy club and watched some comedians. They were funny, especially this Mike Babiglieo (SP?) guy.

The next day we went to the Art Institute, and saw tons and tons of pictures from every famous artist you can think of. I learned I enjoy Tanguy, I saw many old paintings of ‘Mel Gibson’ on a cross (my overused joke of the day), and I remembered a heroine.

I only wish his sexism would have died with him. I also realized that I like sculpture way more than paintings. I watched a young girl lip sync with a backstreet boys song, which was as good as a sculpture because the images were dynamic, her smile and tears were quite precious. You get so much more depth with 3-d figures and or full motion vids.

After the art place, we went to the aquarium, which was also big. There was this giant tank with huge fish and sharks in it. I managed to snap a pic of this stingray.

Then we went to the Navy Pier, which was basically just a big strip mall and looked around. Then we ate at a nice Greek Resturant.

The next day we went to the natural history museum and the museum of science and industry, which Professor Gay had overhyped. It had some neat stuff, but all the places were overly geared towards little kids. After the museums closed, we did some stuff, and more stuff around town. Then the next day Gary and Natalie went out shopping while I slept in (intentionally).

Then we had a train ride home (the tickets were on sale for 33$). Trains are my new favorite way to travel. Our train ride was great at first, except some train ahead of us derailed, and ours had to turn back to Chicago. They offered us the option of busses the rest of the way, or take the train back, so we took the busses.

We made it home by 3:30 am Thursday morning. After repacking I drove to St Joe Mo to spend some time with friends. I was asleep by 7am. I am still undefeated against Matt at MK: A. While I was there I bought 3 more pendants like the one I was already wearing (because I want backups if it breaks), and I also bought a silver chain, so I’ll wear one with string, one with chain, and have 2 backup pendants. The one with a silver chain looks like this.

I also have a fresh resolve for going out and meeting girls, and going to class. I definintly needed all that.
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