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Casual Interest in Falconry

A British nuclear revival is on the horizon. New research is planned for reactor designs as fundamental limitations of renewables are brought to light.

Taser brutality, and soon to follow microwave based crowd dispersal weapons restore a long forgotten need for armor. We are such fine metallurgists that simple countermeasures woven into our clothing could thwart these types of weapons. Conductive fibers could insulate us from electric shock and reflect microwaves. Such countermeasures could become fashionable to thugs (and the throngs of copycat thugs) and activists alike. ...and metal enthusiasts.... oh yeah!

Diversa of San Diego has found two enzymes in oceanic vent microbes that reduce the costs and energy required to produce ethanol. Burn the corn!

The partially reusable Falcon rocket was delayed yet again as it couldn't top off it's liquid oxygen fuel tanks. Firstly their LOX production facillity failed, and then much of the replacement LOX boiled away while in shipment, thanks in part to tropical heat. You can read more at

Falcon 1
"The new launch date is approximately December 20, depending on when the Missile Defense Agency testing is complete."
I would be really impressed if interceptor missiles shot anything down, so I would go ahead with the launch at my leisure. I'm not against missile defense in theory, especially since I think exo-atmospheric interception technology is a decent thing to have on standby for a variety of what-if situations, I just think kill rates will be low (thus inefficient).

Laser defense satellites have been on track (on schedule/budget - tell me if I'm wrong anyone) for the years that I have followed their development, and they will be more efficient than missiles.
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