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New Things?

Maybe there are new things.

I have a new sister-in-law! [Shane and Sandra Pawlowski] The wedding was fairly nice despite a short few day planning phase that took it beyond the initial courthouse plan. They will live together at Fort Knox until Shane's enlistment ends next March. While visiting for the wedding, I picked up one of these boonie hats...

My friend Matt is back from Minnesota and is staying with Amanda. He came over today and we played pool for several hours. Tomorrow I'm going to hang out with him some more and watch him play the PS2 game, 'Suffering.'

I'm annoyed with one of my room-mates (Nate). Currently, I'm grounded from his TV and subsequently any cable channel that requires the box (like G4TV). How might I offend my room-mate? Well, I didn't think he was serious when he told me that any guest that I have stay the night should sleep on the couch downstairs. Erika and I woke to find this ominous post-it note on my closed door. [that morning, before I received my punishment email, I found the TV's receiver to be disabled]

I'm not sure what laws might restrict quoting emails that are not specifically marked as private, so I may have to remove this at some point. I care about respecting the law, but I think my punishment email is very much quote-worthy, enjoy.

"Two times (that I know of) you’ve gone against my wishes since I made you aware of them. I now see that you obviously do not have any respect when it comes to living with me. Those two times don’t even include you two showering together in my shower which is just obviously disrespectful. Lord only knows what you two were doing in there and that’s just disgusting. So I’ll make this short and simple. I’m no longer going to be paying for you to live in the house. I will be paying my 3rd of the utilities and that’s it. You have also lost your privileges with my television, DVD player and anything else that belongs to me. I also expect you to follow my wishes from now on with this subject or we will have even more problems.


*As a tiny defense against Nate's disgust, I want to note that both Erika and I are reasonably fit, clean, average looking, non-geriatric, non-deformed, and basically normal couple according to most traditions and statistics.

I'm still enjoying an online game called Eve Online. I play with 2 accounts, so it makes it a little more interesting. The Icelandic company CCP that makes the game just opened a Chinese beta that, after the first day, has more players than the rest of the world (33k peak vs. 25k peak)

I'm about to buy another bike because my old mountain bike was stolen. It was kind of funny. On the first day of my Kentucky trip to see Shane get married, somebody dropped a junk bike on Erika's front yard and apparently rode off on mine. I don't have the junk bike because the police took it. More than off-roading, I used it for exercise, so I plan to just buy a cheap steel-framed Trek 820 as soon as Cycle Works has a 22.5' for me (they'll call me). Curiously, the Trek website says the sizes range up to 21'. It will be heavy, but I'll ride many hundreds of miles on it anyway. Hopefully, I'll wear it out before someone steals it too.
I think it will look something like this... the paint may be different (I told them that I didn't have a preference on color or scheme)

From the website= "classic performance and value." This, like most cheap bikes, will come from China.

I watched, "An Inconvenient Truth," on Monday night. I didn't enjoy the really quiet narratives during some of the scenes. It was like some kind of really slow-spoken old-man pillow talk where Al Gore related his emotions. Thankfully, there wasn't too much of that. The message was clear and simple, our environment is under considerable pressure and will change dramatically in my lifetime. I thought it was pretty good, and I'm excited to see 'Who Killed The Electric Car" when it comes out later this year.
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