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3rd subject line

After several attempts at a subject line, I give up.

My journal writing skills are rusty. Seriously. Every word that I write sounds like fluff, especially these words. Ah well.

My dreams these days have an odd mix of the insane and mundane. I'm excited by both, so I don't have anything to complain about. Earlier in the week there was was a rather vivid morgue scene, where some guy who seemed dead came back to life. This is to be expected considering some of the TV I've watched lately (Tru Calling and Dead Like Me - both fun btw). There was a priest who re-killed him, with an injection of something black. Later that priest marbleized him with an infant in hand. There was also a sniper hiding outside. Pretty standard stuff. Yesterday my alarm clock woke me abruptly and I felt frustrated because I had almost finished correcting some computer problem, but alas, I had to wait until I got to work to actually do that. When I dream of random women it is usually pretty nice, but instead I get action movies and work stuff. When I dream about work stuff, I take it as a signal that I've not spent enough time playing video games.

I've added a sentence to this post at the rate of 2/day for the last several days. More than once I've considered just deleting it, but if I can get back in the habit of updating this journal I might enjoy it.

When I was riding my bike to work today I was giving a little calculus tutorial to myself in my head. I'm pretty sure I was doing some of my anti-derivatives wrong, but I didn't write anything down (obviously), so I can't check myself. Speaking of bikes, I have some cool new Ergon grips and some gel gloves - especially nice for my commute and weekend rides. My friend Rob and I are going to try for Elmwood tomorrow.

I pre-ordered Windows 7 at the discounted rate of 100$. I'm sure I'll find some kind of use for it, but I may wait until I can buy a decent SSD for my desktop before I install it. Speaking of a decent SSD, I'll need 2 because I've also been waiting forever for an Asus K51AB and the "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4860 graphics chipset with 1GB memory". They announced the release in March, and still no shops have it. I've been checking rather obsessively for it.

Finally, it is Friday.
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