Luke Pawlowski (lukepawlowski) wrote,
Luke Pawlowski

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I've not been up to much lately. School and Work! I have work all week, at which I will need to study for my upcomming French and Math tests. I met a girl named Jessica from Omaha. She seems pretty cool, but lives an hour away (and will prolly live 3 hours away by next fall). I ran for 2 hours Sunday...decided I would see how far I could go if I ran along Superior for an hour (and then run back). I ran out past the Kalasaki plant on the edge of town, and didn't reach 1 hour until the road turned to gravel. I watched Walk the Line with my mom and little sister yesterday, and it wasn't bad. Also, a waitress at Applebees thought I was my little sister's dad...that was funny.
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